International students from the International School achieved a great result in the International Chinese Culture Translation Contest

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By Li Ziyao and Zhang Hui  Editor: Zhou Yingying  Updated: Nov. 1, 2020

WUST  website news (correspondents Li Ziyao and Zhang Hui) The interpretation  finals of the 2nd Golden Age “CC CUP” International Chinese Culture  Translation Contest were held in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, on  October 30. After fierce competitions, WANDJI DJOUONKEP LESLY DASILVA,  an international student from Cameroon, ranked sixth nationally in the  International Student Division under the guidance of Xiao Qiaoling, Dean  of the International School. This is the first time international  students from this school have participated in such a competition and  won a prize.


During  the COVID-19 epidemic, the school arranged for dozens of international  students to participate in the contest, despite the difficult  conditions. To provide guidance to the students, our Chinese language  teachers tried their best to answer student questions over the Internet.  After preliminary screening online, WANDJI DJOUONKEP LESLY DASILVA was  enrolled for the finals.

WANDJI  DJOUONKEP LESLY DASILVA had not studied Chinese systematically before  entering the contest. After he qualified for the finals, Chinese  teachers from the International School formed a tutor team to provide  him with a tutoring program, regular training and online Q&A. After  studying Chinese systematically for three months, he has greatly  improved his Chinese language skills.

WANDJI  DJOUONKEP LESLY DASILVA said that difficulties were inevitable in  preparing for the contest, but he knew he was not alone. On receiving  the prize, he said that he would continue to put down roots in China and  learn more about China.

 “WANDJI  DJOUONKEP LESLY DASILVA has stood out among tens of thousands of  international students. This is due to his love for Chinese culture and  the hard work of the Chinese language teachers from our school,” said  Xiao Qiaoling.

The  contest was hosted by Henan University, Beijing Language and Culture  University and Chinese Classics Bilinguals’ Association of the Chinese  Pre-Qin History Society, and organized by Shanghai Worldnese Translation  Co. Ltd. and the School of Foreign Languages of Henan University. The  contest aims to promote the use of ancient wisdom and the integration of  Chinese and Western cultures. It is also committed to spreading Chinese  culture and voice. China-related knowledge is expected to be increased  through training and this contest.