WUST ranks among the top 100 in the 2020 Airuishen Academic Ranking of the World’s Top Universities (Natural Sciences)

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By Chen Zichuan  Editor: Chen Zichuan  Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The Airuishen Alumni Network (Cuaa.Net) has recently released the 2020 Airuishen Evaluation Report on the “Double First-Class” Initiative for Chinese Universities. In the latest 2020 Airuishen Academic Ranking of the World’s Top Universities (Natural Sciences), Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) has entered the Ttop 100 list, ranking 98th nationwide and first 1st among provincial universities and colleges universities in Hubei Province.

This is not the first time that WUST  has been ranked included in Airuishen’s top 100 Chinese universities list. In the 2020 Airuishen Top 1,200 Chinese Universitiesy in China Ranking published on Cuaa.Net on December 27 last year, WUST ranked 100th,also 1st among Hubei provincial universities and colleges. Furthermore, WUST has become the first Hubei provincial university to be listed among the top 100 universities in China. and was the first and only one in Hubei Province to be included in the list of China’s top 100 universities.

The 2020 Airuishen academic ranking and evaluation system of the world’s top universities in 2020 consisteded of seven first-level indicators: international scientific research awards (15.00%), national scientific research awards (40.00%), ministerial and provincial-level scientific research awards (20.00%), high-level quality academic papers (10.00%), patent awards (5.00%), publication awards (5.00%) and income from the commercialization of technology achievements (5.00%), covering over 200 high-end indicators that reflected the “Double First-Class” initiative for Chinese colleges and universities. This ranking and evaluation system was designed to demonstrate the capability and contribution of the “Double First-Class” initiative for Chinese double first-class universities in terms of facilitating national domestic and local economic economy and social development, as well as their international academic influence.