The Second Training Course on English and International Communication Ability for Managerial Staff in 2020 Completed

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By Office of International Relations  Editor: Chen Zichuan  

WUST News  On the morning of December 19, the final assessment and graduation ceremony of the second training course on English and international communication ability for managerial staff in 2020 was held in Room 0810 of the main building. Cao Wei, director of the Office of Human Resources, and Lu Shaowei, deputy director of the Office of Student Affairs, awarded certificates to teachers who passed the assessment. Liu Jing, vice president of WUST, attended the assessment and graduationceremony and delivered a speech.

A total of 20 faculty members, including new counselors this year and all student affairs personnel of the International School, took this training course. During the assessment process, each faculty member took the stage and gave an all-English presentation on the theme of “Colorful Campus Culture” to five assessors, showcasing various campus cultural activities with characteristics of WUST such as the Qinhu Poetry Competition, the White Angels Medical Service Volunteer Team, the Smart Car Competition, and the summer voluntary teaching program. All of them passed the assessment with flying colors.

Liu Jing pointed out that improving theirthe international communication ability of WUST's managerial staff is one of the requirements for the university to comprehensively advance its internationalization level comprehensively and an essential indicator of WUST’s 14th Five-Year Plan and plays a vital role in building WUST into a top-level university. Providing platforms for communication, Liu Jing appreciated that all departments of WUST have attached great importance to the construction of faculty’s English proficiency in an e ffort to cultivate theirglobal vision and improve their awareness and ability toparticipate in the promotion of internationalization. She emphasized that all the staff should consciously improve their international communication ability, diligently make progress in their daily work and life, and take the initiative to participate in the internationalization efforts of the university.

The course started in October and lasted for two months, with online lessons taught by Chinese teachers as the primary means, supplemented by offline practice with foreign teachers. The training includes the use of phrases and expressions in daily life and work, basic etiquettes in handling foreign affairs, presentation of the geographical characteristics of Hubei Province and Wuhan, and introduction to individuals, departments and the university in English. Tailored to the features of student counselors' work, the course also includes a lesson on the comparison of Chinese and Western education systems and campus cultures. According to the feedback from the participants in the training, this course has polished up their professional competence and they would like to take on more courses like this in the future, despite a busy work schedule.

The training program on English and international communication ability for managerial staff is sponsored by the Office of International Relations and jointly supported by the Office of Human Resources, the Organization Department and the Office of Student Affairs, which is an important initiative to improve the competence of managerial staff and groom teachers for international tasks. (Office of International Relations)