WUST Held the Graduation Ceremony and Presentation of English Training for Teachers Teaching International Students

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By Office of International Relations  Editor: Chen Zichuan  

WUST News On the afternoon of March 24, the 2021 Graduation Ceremony and Demo Class Presentation of English Training for Teachers Teaching International Students, which had been made possible by WUST for the staff of Shanghai Tianyou Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, was held in the Academic Culture Hall of Shanghai Tianyou Hospital. Liu Jing, vice president of WUST, Xiao Qiaoling, director of the Office of International Relations, Wu Qingming, dean of the School of Medicine, Yang Xi, deputy director of the Office of International Relations, Jiang Zhigang, vice dean of the International School, Lu Lili, head of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the School of Medicine, and Lu Chen, Chinese instructor of the program, attended the event. They were joined by the management of Shanghai Tianyou Hospital, the first batch of trainees and some of the teachers teaching international students.

A total of 30 employees from the clinical departments of Shanghai Tianyou Hospital took this training course for 14 days of offline learning and 72 days of independent learning. The curriculum of the course was jointly developed by the Office of International Relations and the clinical teaching professors in line with the needs of teaching international students, and the lessons were taught by Mustafaa Demetri and Lu Chen of the International School. The interactive teaching style and intensive training after class have worked well, which not only encouraged the trainees to express themselves in English, but also showed them how to teach in English. While managing to rise to their hectic daily work schedule, the trainees persisted in signing in at class and clocking in for independent learning after class.

The final assessment was conducted in six groups. All the trainees presented their training results with perfect English, teaching and performing operations in six scenarios: treatment of cataract, teaching of thoracentesis, treatment of distal radius fracture, treatment of acute appendicitis, scenario simulation teaching of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and neonatal jaundice. After each group’s presentation, the judging panel made wonderful comments and graded them respectively. Expressing their recognition and delight in the trainees’ presentations, the panel of judges also offered pertinent suggestions.