Professor Luo Cheng from Brock University Came to Our School for Academic Lectures


Professor Luo Cheng from Brock University Came to Our School for Academic Lectures


By Li Dan/ Updates: May 14, 2018.  



At 2:30 pm on May 14th, Prof. Luo Cheng from Brock University, Canada, delivered a lecture for School of Foreign Languages and Literature of Wuhan University of Science and Technology. In the conference room on the third floor, he gave an academic lecture on the subject of Translation strategies and skills under the semantic translation and communicative translation. Some teachers and graduate students attended the lecture.


Li Jinyun, vice dean of the School, extended a warm welcome to Professor Luo Cheng and briefly introduced Professor Luo Chengs academic achievements. Then Professor Luo Cheng delivered a lecture. This lecture focused on translation strategies and techniques. The lecture was divided into four parts: Holmes translation structure framework, theoretical issues, strategies and techniques, and case studies. In the lecture, Professor Luo Cheng summarized the characteristics of semantic translation and communicative translation, and pointed out some specific translation strategies and techniques.


In the part of example interpreting, Professor Luo Cheng showed his own translations, including poetry, Peking Opera, and couplets. Professor Luos wonderful translation work won great praise. After that, Professor Luo improvised the English version of Peking Opera, showing the unique charm of language. In the on-the-spot questioning session, Professor Luo Cheng answered the questions of teachers and students in detail.


This lecture opened up the horizons of teachers and students, deepened their understanding of semantic translation and communicative translation, and also made everyone realize that translation was a process of continuous exploration and never-ending learning.