Academic Visit at Oxford: Different Way of Learning and Living


Academic Visit at Oxford: Different Way of Learning and Living

By Li Dan | Updated: Sep 6, 2018.

On the morning of Sep. 6, Yang Runqing, a Foreign Language and Literature graduate student enrolled in 2016, who had just returned from an academic visit at Oxford, was interviewed by the Graduate Association of School of Foreign Languages and Literature, to share something about her half-month study and life at Oxford.

The exchange project during summer vacation was carried out by Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Oxford University. After pre-registration and interview, the professional panel of judges selected 10 graduate students as a group to participate in this academic visit getting underway from July 22th.

Colorful and tight-scheduled was Yangs impressions on this activity which includes attending lectures by famous scholars and professors at Oxford, appreciating local culture and customs and visiting some world-renowned spots in England.

Diverse academic curriculum

The main form of studying at Oxford this time is attending lectures given by influential professors in academic circle. These lectures covered how to improve your English speeches, listening and debating skills, personal statements’ writing and discussion, social and educational resources allocation. Aside from these practical courses, acquiring basic knowledge about economics, environmental law, the causes and consequences of Brexit and appreciating some wonderful parts in Shakespeare’s Macbeth were also included in the half-month activity as well as the workshop learning at Wolfson College. 

Yang felt that all the professors at Oxford had their own teaching style and it is easy to tell their meticulousness and seriousness from the preparations made for each lecture and the activities conducted during classes.

Unique cultural experience

Besides various kinds of academic courses, the students took part in some cultural activities as well. For example, at one wine tasting party, they picked up a little basic knowledge and some drinking methods of red wine and tasted cups of white wine and red wine from different countries. Also, all of them visited the castle of Windsor  the castle of the British Royal family in the House of Winsor. During two free days, Yang enjoyed the sceneries of Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, the Thames, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, British Museum and some world-famous streets, experienced all kinds of transportation in Britain as well as the sudden strong wind and cold rain. At the summer ball, the students from this visit, together with their classmates, played the traditional English games, tried local food and learned the traditional English country dance, full of joy and excitement.

Thoughts on the project

Yang said she was greatly enlightened and made new friends through cooperative learning during this precious 15 days. Every bit of the memory at Oxford and the unique English culture really enriched her life and broadened her horizon.