School of Foreign Languages and Literature (SFL)

Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST)


About Us

Founded in 2002, we are a provider of foreign language education to students of all levels university-wide, including foreign language and translation majors within SFL.



  • Being committed to producing graduates of integrity and academic excellence, and versed in both Chinese and Western cultures; 

  • Being equally committed to developing a faculty that features quality teaching and research.



    In the 13th Five-Year Plan Period (2016-20) and beyond, we seek to enhance teaching and research effectiveness of the faculty and instill stronger foreign language skills in the student community in SFL and the University at large.  


    Academic Divisions

    SFL today encompasses 7 departments and 5 research centers, namely:

  • Department of English

  • Department of German

  • Department of Translation and Interpreting

  • Divisions of English Teaching for Non-English Major Undergraduates ( I & II) 

  • Division of Foreign Language Teaching for Non-English Major Graduates

  • MTI Education Center

  • Institute of Translation Studies

  • Institute of Foreign Language Education

  • Institute of Foreign Languages

  • Institute of Foreign Culture Studies

  • Institute of Foreign Literature Studies


    Academic Programs

    Since the inauguration of education programs for English language professionals by its predecessor in 1993, SFL has to date evolved into a major teaching and research arm at WUST offering 5 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, i.e.:

  • BA in English

  • BA in German

  • BA in Translation

  • MA in Foreign Languages and Literatures 

  • Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI)


    SFL has made notable achievements in language teaching in recent years. It was designated by the Ministry of Education of PRC in 2011 as an Exemplary Base for Reform in College English Teaching. Our Programs of Foreign Languages and Literatures were accredited as a key discipline in Hubei Province in 2012.


    Faculty and Research

    As of September 2018, SFL is the home of 142 full-time faculty members, including 11 professors and 59 associate professors. It has also on board one adjunct professor accredited through the Chutian Scholar Program of Hubei Province, two adjunct professors awarded the distinction of University Professors, and one professor recognized as a Top Ten Mid-career Translator in Hubei Province. We are proud of the multitudinous awards that our faculty have earned over years, including:

  • 6 prizes in Provincial Teaching Contests for 3 Early-career Teachers

  • 1 award for University Distinguished Teacher

  • 2 awards for University Model Teacher

  • 2 awards for University Outstanding Teacher of Early Career

  • 4 University Awards for Teaching Achievement


    We have been actively engaged in international academic exchanges all along. During 2014-18, over 20 academic members pursued visiting scholarship or professional development in Anglo-phone universities including The University of Cambridge.


    Our faculty have undergone steady development in research in years between 2014-18, yielding publication of about 440 articles and over 50 textbooks, monographs and translated works. In addition, they have accomplished 100-plus research projects funded by the government and the University. 



    As of September 2018, over 700 students are enrolled in our degree programs leading to bachelors and masters degrees. Our students have been recognized by the University for 11 consecutive years for their pursuit of high academic performance. At national and provincial level, SEFL students have achieved top honors in a wealth of competitions, such as Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Chinese College Students, FLTRP Cup English Contest, All China Interpreting Contest, Star of Outlook English Talent Competition, Hubei Translation and Interpreting Contest, and Hubei Network Originality Competition for College Students, etc.


    Facilities and Resources

    SFL is equipped with state-of–art facilities and resources in support of the academic and research activities, comprising 

  • Self-Access English Learning Center ( Hubei Provincial Exemplary Center) 

  • A Simultaneous Interpretation Lab

  • A Translation Lab

  • A Training Studio for Translation Internship

  • A Training Studio for Business English Internship

    The School Library