Curriculum for Undergraduate German Major


I. Educational Objectives

    This program is designed to prepare students as competent, application-oriented majors who are accommodated to the economic development of the socialist market; balanced in their development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness; comprehensively competent in overall quality, equipped with proficient German language performance and a reasonable knowledge structure that adapts to the development of the times. Talents also have an international vision and cross-cultural communication, competition and cooperation capabilities. In about 5 years, they are expected to reach the following goals:  

1. equipped with sound knowledge of the German language and broad understanding of other disciplines;

2. qualified for positions in such fields as science, technology, trading, education, cultural communication, tourism, etc.

3. An ability to develop onesown knowledge and abilities through lifelong learning;

4. Recognition of innovation practice and an ability to serve for the society.

II. Required Knowledge and Capabilities upon Graduation

1. Cultural literacy: Possess sufficient knowledge of humanities, science and technology;

2. Knowledge of Specialized Discipline: Master basic knowledge and practical skills in the listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating of the German language;

3. Social vision: Be familiar with current social and cultural backgrounds of China and German-Speaking countries;

4. The Ability to Acquire Knowledge: Capable of searching for and analyzing academic documents, and be familiar with latest scientific researches in both the field of German and other related disciplines; 

5. Practical skills: Capable of solving practical problems and conducting researches in the field of German language and literature;

6. Team-work Spirit: Ability of organizing and managing, expressing and communicating.

IIIMain courses

Comprehensive German, German Reading, German Writing, German Listening, Oral German, German Grammar, Advanced German, Translation Theory and Practice, German Oral Interpretation, Second Foreign Language.

IV. Recommended length of the program: 4 years

V. Degree: Bachelor of Arts

    Students who have obtained the minimum number of credits required for graduation and satisfied the Universitys degree regulations will be awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

VI. Credits required for graduation175 credits

Type of courses

Academic credits

Type of courses

Academic credits

1.Courses of general education


3. Specialized Courses


Required courses


Core specialized courses


Elective courses


Elective courses


2. General disciplinary courses


Required courses


4.Practicum and internship  courses


Elective courses


5. Quality development courses