Introduction to Five Institutes


School of Foreign Languages and Literature has five research centers: The Foreign Language Education Research Center, The Translation Research Center, The Foreign Language Research Center, The Foreign Culture Research Center and The Foreign Literature Research Center. The introduction of each will be stated as follows.

(1) Institute of Foreign Language Education

The institute was established in April 2017, with Professor Song Hongbo as the director. Now it has 30 members, including 2 professors, 11 associate professors and 17 lecturers.

Concentrating on foreign language education, the institute is not only working on surveying domestic foreign language education in an all-round, three-dimensional and systematic way from several aspects, including language planning, language policy, social development, curriculum construction, materials development, foreign language teaching, foreign language testing and the training and development of foreign language teachers, but also on developing the theory and practice of foreign language teaching, the pedagogy in foreign language research and the foreign language study in pedagogy.

(2) Institute of Translation Studies

The institute was established in March 2014, with Professor Zhu Mingju and Professor Wu Wanwei as the directors. It has 20 members, including 2 professors, 4 associate professors and 14 lecturers.

The institute conducts translation practice and studies based on the faculty. The practices mainly center on academic translation and social science books translation with the former focusing on metallurgical science and technology and medical technology, the latter on philosophy, politics and sociology. Translation researches has four directions, including translation teaching, translation criticism, translation technology and interdisciplinary translation studies. Some translations of social science books and researches on translation criticism and technology have been highly recognized nationwide.

(3) Institute of Foreign Languages

The institute was established in April 2017, with Professor Shuang Wenting as the director. Now it has 8 members, including 1 professor, 4 associate professors and 3 lecturers.

The institute lays emphasis on tracking and further studying the frontier of linguistic theories, and on the observation, description and explanation of linguistic facts. Research findings are for practical application, such as linguistic information processing, language teaching and English-Chinese lexicography. The institute has three major directions: semantic study, legal English study and language teaching. The institute has made some remarkable achievements, especially the recent research findings on event semantics, which has brought national attention increasingly.


(4) Institute of Foreign Culture Studies

The institute was established in April 2017, with Professor Kang Youjin as the director. Now it has 17 members, including 1 professor, 5 associate professors and 11 lecturers.

The institute focuses on cultures of UK, USA, German, France and Japan as well as contemporary development of cultural theories and research. The institute is studying a variety of cultural theories and cultural practices, and has made lots of achievements, especially on postmodernism.


(5) Institute of Foreign Literature Studies

The institute was established in April 2017, with Professor Li Jinyun as the director. Now it has 16 members, including 1 professor, 8 associate professors and 7 lecturers.

Centering on foreign literature, the institute chiefly works on researching theories, history and current situation of foreign literature as well as introducing foreign literary theories, thoughts, genres, important writers and their works, with the Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thoughts as guideline and the integration of theories and practice as principle. The institute aims at providing some references for socialist literature and art development in China by absorbing good works of foreign literary creation and theory.