Exchange Meeting about Big Data and Materials and Metallurgy


Time: September 21st,  3:00pm, 2018

Address: Room 1014, the Steel Building, Qingshan Campus of Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Special guest: Frank van Harmelen is the professor of Department of artificial intelligence and the Dean of the School of Network of Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam; the founder , the first director and the chief scientist of Amsterdam Data Science Center, and one of the most internationally recognized experts in logic, semantic web and knowledge mapping. As the co-designer of the Web Ontology Language, he co-published A Semantic Web Primer, the first monograph about semantic web, and hosted the first Semantic Web project ON-TO-KNOWLEDGE. Besides, he was awarded the title of Fellow of the European Society of Artificial Intelligence in 2013, the title of Academician of the European Academy of Sciences in 2014, and the title of Academician of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science and Humanities in 2015.

             Lynda Hardman is the full professor of Universiteit Utrecht, the director of Amsterdam Data Science Center, and the leader of the Amsterdam CWI group. She has long worked in the field of user-centric hypermedia links, and her research interests include the researches on the document models which can be used for hypermedia and web synchronization. In addition, she has served as the chairman in the field of the European informatics and has contributed significantly to the advancement of women’s research and education in the field of informatics.


Title   of the Report



Application of Knowledge Graphs in   Different Domains

Feng   Gao


Support   Vector Regression Applied to Materials Optimization of Sialon Ceramics

Shengli Jin


A Critical Review of the Oxygen Blast   Furnace Process

Wan   Zheng


Knowledge Graphs for Machine Learning and   Machine Reasoning

Lynda   Hardman