The research papers of Pan Zhao, a postdoctoral fellow in our school, were published in Science


Recently, Pan Zhao, a postdoctoral  fellow of the State Key Laboratory of Refractories and Metallurgy, was  co-constructed by the provincial Ministry of our university. His research paper  was published in Science. The title of this paper is Giant polarization in  super-tetragonal thin films through interphase strain (preparation of  ultra-tetragonal thin films with large polarization by interfacial strain). Chen  Jun, Professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing and Prof. Xing  Xian ran are the authors of correspondence.

Academic Journal of Science

Ferroelectric material is an  important functional material, widely used in ferroelectric memory, tunable  microwave devices, large capacity capacitors, piezoelectric sensors and other  fields. In this paper, a new method called Interphase Strain, which can be used  to realize strain engineering easily, is proposed. The ferroelectric thin films  with the strongest iron electrode strength have been successfully prepared. This  phase interface strain method provides a new idea for the design of novel  ferroelectrics, and can also be used in the design of other multifunctional  materials.

Microstructure of epitaxial  films

The research work also received  the help and cooperation of the University of Texas, Dallas, Tel Aviv  University, St Andrews University, Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy  of Sciences.

Dr. Pan Zhao is the 2011  undergraduate graduate of Metallurgical Engineering in our university, and then  he studied in Beijing University of Science and Technology. In 2017, he entered  the Postdoctoral Station of the State Key Laboratory of Refractory Materials and  Metallurgy. The main research areas are functional ceramics, including  Perovskite Ferroelectric / piezoelectric materials, negative thermal expansion  materials, and thermoelectric conversion materials.

Up to now, Dr. Pan Zhao has  published 11 SCI papers in J.Am.Chem.Soc., Inorg.Chem., J.Am.Ceram.Soc., and  more than 20 SCI papers in the journals of Sciences, Nat.Commun.,  Phys.Rev.Lett., J.Mater.Chem.C.