Thirty-fourth teachers' school leaders visit teachers' condolences


On the eve of the Teachers'Day,  school leaders paid separate visits to teachers' representatives, such as senior  experts, national outstanding young people, thousands of young people and  special professors of Chutian scholars. The flowers are blessed with a strong  festive atmosphere on campus.

School leaders thanked the  teachers for taking root in teaching and scientific research, and for their hard  work in the construction and development of the school, which has become a  mainstay of the University. It is hoped that under the leadership of the  backbone teachers, one flower will attract thousands of flowers, and Wuhan  University of Science and Technology will be full of flowers and fruits.

Teachers thanked the school for  its concern and said they would live up to their expectations and make great  contributions to the two-class construction of the University.

The head of the school office,  organization department, personnel department, School Union and other  departments escorted condolences.

Professor Li Nan, Institute of  materials and metallurgy

Professor Li Guangqiang,  Institute of materials and metallurgy