The Sino Austrian postgraduate seminar was successfully held in our university


On September  20, 2018, the First Sino-Austrian Postgraduate Symposium was jointly organized  by the Institute of Materials and Metallurgy, the State Key Laboratory of  Refractory and Metallurgy, the National Joint Research Center of High  Temperature Materials and Furnace Lining Technology and the International  Exchange and Cooperation Office. It was held in the conference room of the steel  building of Qingshan campus, our school. Professor Ma Guojun, Director of  Graduate School, Professor Wang Zhoufu, Deputy Director of the State Key  Laboratory of Refractory Materials and Metallurgy, Professor Cheng Changgui,  Vice-Dean of the Institute of Materials and Metallurgy, and Professor Luo  Yuanping, Vice-Director of International Exchange and Cooperation, attended the  opening ceremony, which was presided over by Professor Wei Yaow

In his speech,  Director Ma reviewed the cooperation between the two schools over the past 10  years and their achievements. He also introduced the original intention of  holding the Sino-Austrian Graduate Student Symposium. He hoped that the two  sides could further enhance understanding, deepen friendship and strengthen  cooperation through this event. In his speech on behalf of the Austrian side,  Professor Kim Shengli affirmed the achievements of bilateral cooperation and  congratulated the convening of the symposium. He hoped that the two sides would  follow the principle of win-win cooperation and proceed from their respective  development needs to push forward bilateral cooperation.

5 doctoral  candidates from the University of Austria, and 5 PhDs from Wuhan University of  Science and Technology, have made 10 academic reports covering the composition  and microstructure design of refractory materials, the preparation and  characterization of lightweight foam ceramics, the research methods of  high-temperature in situ crystallization behavior, the discrete element method  and the finite element simulation technology in refractory materials.  Application, high temperature mechanical behavior of refractories and hydration  mechanism of new binders for refractory castables. More than 50 teachers and  students from the School of Materials and Metallurgy participated in the seminar  and held heated discussions on issues of interest, with a strong academic  atmosphere.

China and  Austria have established and maintained a good cooperative partnership since  2008, and have made remarkable achievements in mutual recognition of  undergraduate credits, cooperative application for scientific research projects,  joint application for international joint laboratories and experimental research  conducted by mutual scholars. The seminar aims to further promote bilateral  cooperation to a wider and deeper level, and to seek potential cooperation  points in future education and scientific research. This symposium has opened  the door for the Please Come in academic exchanges among engineering majors in  our university. It has provided the opportunity for our students to communicate  face-to-face with their counterparts abroad. It has also provided the  opportunity for foreign students to get to know our university deeply and to  cultivate and exercise the international academic exchange ability of our  graduate students.

Before the  seminar, the Austrian delegation visited our school history museum and the State  Key Laboratory of refractories and metallurgy.