WUST held a salon under the theme of “We Fight against the COVID-19 Epidemic | WUST Youth Talk”

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Author: Wang Wenyu, Tan Ruijie and Wang Xiaohan  Editor: Wang Wenyu

WUST held a salon under the theme of “We Fight against the COVID-19 | WUST Youth Talk” in the Grand Lecture Hall, the Huangjiahu Campus in the afternoon of October 9th. Kong Jianyi, Sun Guosheng, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of WUST respectively, attended the salon. Two representatives of faculty members and alumni, and representatives of young students who fought against COVID-19 attended the salon. Pan Lisha, Secretary of Youth League of WUST served as the host.

Kong Jianyi listened attentively to the stories and experiences fighting against COVID-19 shared by alumni and students. He praised the brave young people from WUST who stood up and volunteered to go to the front line of this battle. He also put forward the following expectations to the students. First, students should study and comprehend the great “Anti COVID-19 Spirit” summed up by the General Secretary of PRC, Xi Jinping, and understand the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. Second, students should continue to carry forward WUST’s glorious revolutionary tradition, and tell good WUST stories and spread the voice of WUST while learning about the Spirit. Third, students should follow the young role models fighting against the COVID-19, study hard and forge ahead, and integrate the great “Anti COVID-19 Spirit” into practice.

During the sharing period of the stories fighting against COVID-19, Li Hui, an after 95s nurse from Tianyou Hospital affiliated to WUST (an advanced individual against COVID-19), and Liao Lixun, a 2010-enrolled WUST alumnus (an advanced individual against COVID-19), respectively took the stage to tell their stories and experiences in their positions.

All the attendees watched the microvideo entitled “We Fight against the COVID-19 | WUST Youth Talk”. Fang Jiahui (a student from the School of Literature, Law and Economics), Xie Zihao (a student from the International School) and Guo Yafeng (a student from the School of Medicine) appeared in the video and recounted their experiences, thoughts and feelings about the pandemic.

During the interview session, these five people took the stage to share their experiences, and answered questions from the audience. “As a common person, weren’t you afraid?” asked Ma Aolong from the School of Medicine. Li Hui replied that not being afraid would be a lie. However, being hopeful and positive is more vital. She should do what she did at that moment. Liao Lixun was asked what he learned more about the “people’s police” after this pandemic. “My grandfather and father were both police officers, so becoming a police officer was like a seed that had already been planted, sprouted and grown in my heart when I was a child. I will always try to get to know more about being a police officer throughout my career and my life,” he said.

After the interview session, Xiao Zhuoling, a 2017-enrolled student from the College of Resource and Environmental Engineering, said, “the year 2020 is extremely unusual, with the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly sweeping across China. During the pandemic, young role models sprang up in WUST. They are not only WUST students but also the mainstays of the Chinese nation. They interpreted devotion with their actions and also demonstrated responsibilities of WUST people. We should follow their lead!” According to Pan Lisha, the young people from WUST were actively involved in anti-COVID-19 voluntary services in various forms during the pandemic.