Mr. Wu Zhiyi, Honorary Chairman of TCEA, and his delegation visited WUST and discussed China-Thailand education exchange and cooperation

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Mr. Wu Zhiyi, Honorary Chairman of the Thai Chinese Education Alliance (TCEA), and his delegation visited Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) on November 20 and negotiated about the bilateral education exchange and cooperation between China and Thailand. Liu Jing, Vice President of WUST, had a cordial meeting with the guests.

Thai Chinese Education Alliance (TCEA) was established in November 2019 with the support of Thai education authorities, and Thai and Chinese education or business associations. It was jointly launched by six well-known associations including Asia International Trade Investment Chamber of Commerce, Thailand University Presidents’ Council, Thai Private Higher Education Chamber of Commerce, Royal Thai Normal University Federation, Thai Polytechnic University Federation, and Thai Technical and Vocational Education Chamber of Commerce, and 8 universities in Thailand and China are founding members. TCEA aims to serve Thai-Chinese educational institutions in international talent training, overseas school running, educational and academic exchanges and cooperation, deepen Thai-Chinese educational cooperation, explore and coordinate the new future of Thai-Chinese education development, and build a regional educational community.

Liu Jing (Vice President of WUST) warmly welcomed the TCEA delegation and introduced WUST's school running situation, especially the international cooperation and exchange. Liu Jing urged the relevant university departments to coordinate efforts with TCEA and Siam University and carry out further details for the cooperation between WUST and Siam University, thus accelerating the cooperation process. By doing so, Wuhan University of Science and Technology will contribute to the economic development and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand, and support the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Mr. Montree Pongpan, Executive Chairman of TCEA attended the meeting online. Mr. Wu Zhiyi, Honorary Chairman of TCEA, introduced TCEA's achievements in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and then discussed in details of the co-organized “Thai-Chinese International Education Exchange and Cooperation Forum (Hubei)” in Wuhan. He invited WUST to attend the Thai-China Higher Education Project Negotiation 2021 in Thailand. The two sides conducted extensive and in-depth discussions and reached a preliminary consensus during the meeting.

(By Office of International Relations)