Prof. Jun Pang Has Published Academic Papers On IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

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    Recently,The academic paper Efficient and Exact Multi-Graph Matching Search by Associate Professor Pang Jun from the School of Computer Science and Technology was published in the international authoritative academic journal IEEE Transacations on IndustrialInformatics.Jun Pang was the first author and corresponding author of the paper, and Shu Zhiliang, Ding Linlin, Jiang Chengyang, Liu Chen and Zhang Xiaolong, dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology of OUR university, were co-authors.

    The exact multigraph matching search aims to find all multigraphs identical to the query multigraph from the data multigraph dataset.Although the exact multi-graph matching search algorithm has a wide range of applications, its related research work has not been reported.This paper presents an efficient algorithm to solve the exact multi-graph matching query problem.Firstly, the definition of precise multi-graph matching and its basic calculation method, namely BM algorithm, are given.However, because BM algorithm needs to perform graph isomorphism detection and calculation, the computational complexity is very high.Therefore, in order to reduce the search space, this paper proposes several filter conditions (Cardinalityfilter, Vertexfilter, Edgefilter, Sizefilter and Starfilter) to obtain a candidate result set containing all the final results.Each multi-graph in the candidate result set is then validated using the improved BM algorithm (i.e., the IBM algorithm) to obtain the final query result.In addition, the paper also proposes an offline multilayer inversion index MII to further speed up the search process.Finally, an accurate multi-graph matching search algorithm (EMMS algorithm) is proposed, the time complexity of EMMS algorithm is analyzed, and a large number of experiments on real data sets verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method.

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