Our College Held A General Meeting Of All Graduate Supervisors

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  In order to further improve the quality of personnel training, strengthening the construction of graduate tutors, accelerating discipline construction, on the morning of June 25, our tutor conference, held in room 30404 in eppinger s. sourcing by design, vice President, graduate degree and subject construction jun-wei liu director, institute of all leaders and all the tutor to attend the meeting.

  Mr. Chen Wensi from the Discipline Construction Office of the Graduate School first made an analysis report on the discipline construction of computer science in our school from 2016 to 2020, and made a detailed analysis of the papers and citations published in the computer science discipline of our school in the past five years.Director Liu Junwei made a speech to mobilize graduate supervisors to strengthen cooperation and jointly produce high-quality papers and quote each other around 412 core journals with basic scientific indicators and hot research frontier areas.

    Vice President Liu Jing put forward three instructions for the construction of computer science: first, to further strengthen the integration with other disciplines such as engineering, science, medicine, and cultural management, and learn from others;Second, to further strengthen the construction of graduate supervisors, vigorously introduce talents, expand the scale of graduate supervisors;Third, stay true to the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission of cultivating talents by virtue, and further improve the quality of personnel training.

    The meeting summarized the experience and deficiency in the first half of the postgraduate degree application work, and discussed the next stage of the qualification examination of degree application, the blind and external examination of the dissertation, and the process of defense.The meeting reviewed the teaching work of sino-foreign cooperation program in the first half of this year, and proposed to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign parties in the next stage.The meeting made arrangements for the epidemic prevention and safety of postgraduate students in the summer vacation.At the same time, the conference mobilized the mentors to make full use of the summer vacation to continue to do a good job in scientific research and talent training, aiming at the forefront of the output of high-level research results.

  Zhang xiaolu, dean of the conclusion points out that in the process of the education of graduate student training, mentor is the first, clear advisor in the graduate program in the process of learning, essay writing, always remember khalid ents, scientific literacy cultivation of responsibility, strict training link in process control, want to combine basic scientific index at the same time, to make influential attract peer scholars refer to scientific research,To expand the influence of computer science in our college.