Hold the Activity of "CCF-MM Into Colleges and Universities"

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  On the morning of June 11, sponsored by the multimedia technology professional committee of China Computer Society (CCF), the activity of ccf-mm entering colleges and universities organized by our school of computer science was held in the lecture hall 30404 on the third floor. Hu Ruimin, member of the expert group of the national cyberspace security 2030 major special plan, Yu Junqing, head of the Intelligent Media Computing and network security research team of Huazhong University of science and technology, and Yang Yi, distinguished professor of Zhejiang University, were invited to make a special academic report for more than 100 teachers and students of our college. Professor Liu Maofu and Associate Professor Zhu Ziqi presided over the report meeting.

  Professor Yi  Yang gave a report on the theme of towards efficient and effective video analysis, and shared his main work in the cross media field in recent years. In the report, in terms of joint modeling of vision and language, Yang Yi introduced the image description of unknown objects, visual dialogue, embodied QA, visual common sense reasoning, etc; In terms of video analysis, he introduced video feature learning, video event location based on the combination of audio and image, multimodal pre training, first view video analysis and other work, so that we have a wide understanding.

  The title of Junqing  Yu 's report is intelligent video analysis for industrial safety scenes. The report focuses on the research background and significance of video analysis, and explores the safety issues from the perspective of safety supervision department, safety education and training. The intelligent analysis of surveillance video, semi-automatic labeling tool, safety production big data set and intelligent analysis and control platform are introduced in detail.

    Finally, Professor  Ruimin  Hu made a report entitled security technology and its  development trend in the intelligent era, introduced three important  development processes of artificial intelligence, analyzed how intelligent  science will change the world, and introduced in detail the important role of  artificial intelligence in national security. In particular, aiming at the  problem of ternary space evolution and whole space security in the new era,  this paper introduces the connotation and essence of Cyberspace Security;  Vulnerability and attack, introduces the visibility and understanding of data  and behavior, and introduces the ternary complexity in high-dimensional space  for identity security.

    In this report meeting, the three experts also exchanged and discussed with on-site teachers and students about the problems encountered in scientific research and paper writing, which led to more thinking. It is reported that China Computer Society (CCF) is a national, academic and non-profit academic organization voluntarily formed and legally registered by individuals and units engaged in scientific research, education, development, production, management, application and service in the field of computer and related science and technology. It is a member of China Science and technology Association.