Students Won Good Performance In The 12th Blue Bridge Cup

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    The national finals of the 12th Blue Bridge Cup national software and information technology professionals competition came to an end. On June 8, the final results of the competition were announced. Our students won 4 national first prizes, 4 national second prizes and 6 national third prizes.

    The competition takes the form of written examination. Students participate in individual units to investigate students' ability to solve practical problems, including C/C++ program design, Java program design, pathon program design, computer algorithm and data structure. The competition selects excellent software and information technology talents and improves students' employment competitiveness.

   Kejin  Chen , who won the first prize in the competition, said that he had a set of learning methods suitable for him. He explored the test site, looked up the data online, screened the system, studied in his spare time and then brush the questions to consolidate them. He said: in the process of making questions, there will be some problems, First of all, we need to see if we can solve it by ourselves. If we can't solve it, we need to search blogs and find relevant articles, and then think about what we haven't learned or what knowledge we lack, and then we will supplement it.

    Chuansheng  Yin  had different ways to prepare for the competition. He mentioned that he would brush several questions every day before the competition. If he encountered a problem, he would look at the problem solution, understand and learn the algorithm used for the problem, and then go to OJ to do the problems related to the algorithm. He said that this method can not only maintain their proficiency in topics and knowledge points, but also maintain their feel of doing problems. It is still very useful.