Hold A Lecture On "Kechuang Coffee" to Popularize Knowledge of Intelligent Robots

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    On the evening of May 14, in order to popularize the knowledge of intelligent robots to students and broaden everyone's horizons, our college held a lecture on scientific innovation coffee in classroom 30311. The activity was explained by Dr. Lin Yunhan as the keynote speaker.

    Yunhan Lin introduced the theme of the lecture robots and technology in real life from the familiar cartoon characters and robot movies, and then introduced the definition of robots, the classification of robots, the origin of robots and how to have a preliminary understanding of robots. Lin Yunhan aroused great interest by playing the video of atlas, the highest level humanoid robot, and the video of fighting between large robots. People who came to the lecture were amazed.

    Yangshen Guo of computer class 2006 put forward the idea of will robots learn autonomously? Yunhan Lin said: take robot learning how to put objects in the corresponding position as an example to explain. In the current technology, robots can acquire this skill through learning, Robots can learn independently in a small field of their own.

   Yunhan Lin  focused on introducing basic robot technology and some related knowledge to you. In the process of explanation, he combined his own personal experience to make you have a deeper and clearer understanding of robot related technology. Zhenye  Xu , who came to the lecture, said: although this activity is a lecture, it is different from some lectures he has attended before. The whole activity is carried out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. He feels he has gained a lot. Compared with the past, he has a lot of different understanding of today's robots.