Made A Historic Breakthrough in the Fifth "Strong Net Cup" Challenge

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    On June 19, the preliminary results of the fifth Strong Net Cup online competition were announced. After fierce competition, team t3ns0r of our institute's information security association stood out among 3156 teams, making a historic breakthrough for our school.

    It is reported that the strong net cup network security challenge is a national network security competition for domestic information security enterprises and colleges and universities. It aims to cultivate and improve the national network security guarantee ability and level, find outstanding talents in the field of network security and improve the security awareness and ability level of the national cyberspace through fierce network competition.

    Near the competition, the contestants will also take time to brush questions every day, discuss and communicate with each other, reproduce some loophole attack ideas, carry out targeted training, and finally discuss and summarize with the instructor. Contestant Zihan Li said: some preparations before the competition are still very important, which is very helpful to our competition, In particular, the targeted training and recurrence in the later stage make us more familiar with the idea of solving problems, and the competition will be more handy.

    The online game adopts the online problem-solving mode. The game scene fully covers the main knowledge and skills in the field of network security such as binary program reverse analysis, web application security, password analysis, intelligent terminal security and information hiding. At the same time, taking into account the difficulty of the game and the hot spots of practice, team member Xiao Teng said: there are still many problems involved in the game, and there are many big men's teams, We have gained a lot from participating in the competition together and learned some knowledge we didn't know before.

    Contestant  Zikang Yang  said: the result of this competition is a historic breakthrough, but there are still some gaps from expectations. Now only by working harder can we better meet the needs of national enterprise network security and even make our own contribution to network security. In the later stage, we will further strengthen training to better meet the next various competitions.