Jinguang Gu: Technologist Who Bravely Shoulders the Responsibility to Fight the Epidemic

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    Epidemic prevention and control is a people's war, and all walks of life are fighting with all their strength. Professor Gu Jinguang of the network Department of the computer college led the intelligent information processing and real-time industrial system web and intelligent team of Wuhan University of science and technology, gave full play to the technical advantages of the scientific and technological team, dared to shoulder the campaign responsibility of scientific and technological workers, and contributed scientific and technological strength to epidemic prevention and control.


    Serving the society is Professor Gu's original intention and mission. Professor Gu  is an expert in knowledge mapping and semantic analysis. Since he was engaged in scientific and technological work, he has always regarded serving the society as his mission. He led the web and intelligent team of intelligent information processing and real-time industrial system of Wuhan University of science and technology. Relying on the two scientific research positions of big data science and Engineering Research Institute of Wuhan University of science and technology and the Key Laboratory of rich media digital publishing content organization and knowledge service of State Administration of radio and television, he presided over more than 20 large-scale software development projects of the enterprise, including the fields of medical care, information technology and information technology Finance (Shenzhen Stock Exchange, several national insurance companies), telecommunications (Hubei Telecom, Hubei Mobile and China Information Technology) and government affairs (Wuhan people's Congress, Huanggang people's Congress, Hubei high law and provincial courts) have presided over several data governance and integration platform projects of top three hospitals and intelligent auxiliary diagnosis projects in the fields of atrial fibrillation, heart failure and multiple myeloma.

    It is Professor Gu's responsibility and responsibility to fight the Epidemic by science and technology. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Professor Gu has joined hands with Professor Yan Zeng, a medical school of our university, to collaborate with neighboring software company to fight day and night. He held several telephone conferences every week to study key problems and eventually developed the new crown pneumonia information integration big data platform, which has been in some communities in Jianghan District and Hongshan District of Wuhan. Some hospitals in Xiamen and Ezhou are promoting the use of unit feedback, official account is friendly and intelligent, and they can help communities, schools and enterprises manage the return passengers, helping doctors to follow up patients. Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia and its effective promotion, Professor Gu and his team have received some cooperation opportunities in the research project of anti epidemic. They have declared the early warning and diagnosis and treatment system of new crown pneumonia and data and knowledge double drive system of the Shenzhen Natural Science Fund in collaboration with the Shenzhen Research Institute of Wuhan University. Novel coronavirus pneumonia special official account was announced by novel coronavirus pneumonia Association, Xiamen health and big data research institute, and participated in the WeChat public competition of the new crown pneumonia organized by the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association.

    Organizing donations is Professor Gu's love and dedication. As one of the organizers, Professor Gu actively organized the donation of Wuhan to support the European Chinese in the fight against the epidemic. The purpose of this donation is to provide the overseas Chinese in other parts of the world with the help they can, help each other in the same boat and overcome the difficulties together! As of March 23, the Wuhan donation for Chinese in Europe has received more than 30000 yuan in total. All the donations will be used to purchase 10000 medical surgical masks and send them to Chinese in Europe. In the face of the epidemic situation, Professor Gu vividly fulfilled the campaign responsibility of scientific and technological workers, demonstrated his responsibility in scientific and technological campaign, and demonstrated his dedication in soliciting donations. This is the campaign strength of scientific and technological workers.