Xin Yuan : Typing the Code with One Hand, Winning more than 30 awards

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    At the age of 3, he lost his right arm due to a car accident. He learned to write with his left hand and entered the University. He knocked the code with his left hand for more than 30 years. Recently, Yuan Xin, a doctoral student at Wuhan University of science and technology, was praised by countless netizens. He was nicknamed isolated by his classmates. Dr. one arm overturned against the wind. At the age of 3, his right hand was amputated due to an unfortunate car accident. Yuan Xin was nicknamed isolated by his classmates. Some relatives advised his parents to give up treatment, but Yuan Xin His parents never give up and encourage him to write with his left hand.

    Xin Yuan studied hard since childhood. In August 2014, he was successfully admitted to the major of computer science and technology of Wuhan University of science and technology. A 2018 article on the official website of Wuhan University of science and technology recorded Yuan Xin's inspirational experience.

    During the University, Xin Yuan's most difficult to overcome was the experimental class. For example, when he split the line, he used his middle finger to press one end of the connector against the palm, thumb and index finger to hold the other end and unplug the connecting line. When he was a sophomore studying C language, Yuan Xin often went to the library alone to type the code. Because he had to work harder than ordinary people with one hand, he finally got a good score of 94 points in the exam.

    In the second semester of sophomore year, Xin Yuan entered Yaojie Chen 's laboratory. He came to the laboratory at the earliest every day At the latest, with the encouragement of the teacher, Yuan Xin bought all kinds of small equipment to assemble and simulate the operation state of the ship, collected data, and completed the production of the ship automatic identification and modeling system according to the automatic identification algorithm. The ship simulation project successfully applied for the university level university students' scientific and technological innovation fund, successfully applied for a software copyright, published an EI international conference paper, and entered the University for 7 years Xin Yuan won more than 30 honorary awards, including one invention patent, one utility model patent and one design patent.

    In addition to learning, as long as there are campaigns, competitions and other activities, Xin Yuan actively signs up for the school to hold the sports meeting. No one in the college signs up for the 10000 meter long-distance race. Xin Yuan volunteered and ran the whole one armed boy's long-distance race in the rain, which moved many teachers and students.

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