Shiqin Wang:National Scholarship+SCI+CCF...

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    At the age of 21, she published a paper in three areas of SCI, and at the age of 22, she published a paper in ACM transactions of CCF class B, and she won the second prize in the fourth Wuhan Excellent Doctoral Forum of China Computer Society during her postgraduate national scholarship and master doctoral continuous study. She is diligent in her studies and forge ahead. She is the 2018 computing major of Wuhan University of science and technology Now, let's go into her research time and feel her dream pursuit.

     Breakthrough:Life without limits.Shiqin  Wang's difficult problem in the laboratory comes one after another. How to use one year to learn other people's two-year courses? How to determine the experimental research topic? How to translate ideas into code language?After learning about her professional situation, senior brother Wang Jie took the initiative to invite her to carry out in-depth research and scientific research on salient target detection. It is not easy to overcome the difficulties and keep consulting papers, Improving her ideas. Her tutor and classmates also brought her great help. Tutor Xu Xin organized seminars every week. Under the guidance of her tutor and the communication with her classmates, Shiqin  Wang's paper gradually improved after repeated revisions.

     As the youngest junior sister in the laboratory, she was never timid because of her age. With her steady efforts and professional knowledge learned in the visual artificial intelligence association, she continued to improve herself and made steady progress. Finally, she was able to publish two papers in CCF class B and SCI three areas, and CCF class B ACM transactions The paper was awarded the second prize in the fourth Wuhan Excellent Doctoral Forum of China computer society.

    The future is up to me. When Shiqin  Wang, a non-English major, first came into contact with an all English paper, she spent three days browsing the whole paper by relying on the translation software. This made her realize the importance of firmly mastering English for scientific research, but it is not easy to learn English well after heavy courses and scientific research.In order to improve her English level, she and her friends agreed to get up early and learn English by themselves. The English newspaper selection of WeChat official account, new concept English three and China Daily Bilingual News, have become the materials to improve her English ability. Finally, with a solid English foundation and the habit of regularly studying an all English paper, Shiqin  Wang found the skills of reading papers and began to write all English papers. After repeated honing, she successfully completed her two all English papers.

    Thanks to the top talent cultivation program of Wuhan University of science and technology, Shiqin  Wang officially entered the laboratory in his senior year and began to learn the 3 1 2 undergraduate and master's mode of postgraduate course, which enabled students to implement undergraduate graduate interactive learning in the Fourth academic year of undergraduate, providing a good opportunity for Shiqin  Wang.The platform of advanced efforts the results achieved at present only belong to the past, and I still need to work towards greater goals in the future. behind her understatement is her infinite efforts and her valuable spirit of fighting to the end. The two important papers published in the first study are very important to her She said it was just her initial achievement. In the future, she will continue to move forward and focus on publishing CCF class a papers. At the same time, she also plans to stay in school as a teacher. She is moving steadily towards the blueprint of the future.