ONLY 10 IN CHINA!Wen Jian Was Elected As The Most Beautiful College Student In 2020 And Appeared On CCTV-10

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WUST website news (correspondent:Chen Zichuan) On the evening of January 11th, the release ceremony of “Heroes 2020, Most Beautiful College Students/Most Beautiful College Counselors jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China and China Media Group was broadcast on CCTV-10. Wen Jian, a senior student in the School of Computer Science and Technology, was awarded for “The Most Beautiful College Student.

Wen Jian has manylabels”:A soldier guarding and defending the frontier of China; a bronze winner of the National Unpaid Blood Donation Award; a volunteer of the Military World Games; a propagandist of conscription and enlistmentand a good teacher of Voluntary Village...In 2014, Wen Jian was admitted to our school. At the end of his freshman year, he suspended schooling to join the army and volunteered to join up the army in Tibet. In 2016, Wen Jian, as a scout of reconnaissance company of a border army in Tibet Military Area Command, participated in the confrontation between China and India. On the borderline, he wrote a posthumous note and confronted foreign soldiers for more than 30 days, guarding the national flag and the border.

In 2017, Wen Jian demobilized and returned to school, not forgetting the military spirit, but devoting himself to voluntary blood donation. Over the past three years, he regularly donated blood 54 times, totaling more than 20,000 milliliters, and joined China Marrow Donor Program(CMDP), winning the Bronze Award of 2016-2017 National Unpaid Blood Donation Award, entitling as one of the top 12 image ambassadors of voluntary blood donation in universities in Wuhan and “The Most Beautiful Blood Donor in Wuhan University of Science and Technology.


In 2018, Wen Jian and his ex-service comrades set up the MilitaryClubin Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and volunteered to carry out activities such as conscription propaganda and patriotism education. In nearly two years, Yang Lin, Yang Zhe and other 4 club members successfully passed the military inspection and were drafted into the army. Under his encouragement, the enlistment enthusiasm in the School of Computer Science and Technology is surging. In Wen Jians class alone, three students named Chen Liangliang, Wu Qinqin and Aikranmu Aikebaier, have joined the army one after another, and they all served in remote frontier provinces.

In 2019, Wen Jian signed up for volunteers in many large-scale events such as China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition, the 7th CISM Military World Games, 2019 Shenzhen Innovative and Entrepreneurial Investment Conference, and the 9th Aijing International Landscape Design Conference, thus he was awarded many titles, like Outstanding Youth Volunteer, Excellent Volunteer, and “Excellent Youth Volunteer. In the summer of 2019, he went to Tongshan County of Xiangning and Xinzhou District of Wuhan with his teachers to participated in summer Teacher Support Activities twice and won the honorary title of “Advanced Individual”.

 “I am a soldier who has stationed in Tibet, and Tibet is the place where my dream begins. Being loyal to our country and people is my lifelong pursuit.Wen Jian said in the interview, “I just responded to the call of the country, went to the place where the motherland needs it most, and did what the motherland needs most.”

But joining the army and volunteer activities did not delay Wen Jians study. On school days, he actively participated in various academic competitions and campus activities, and has won many awards: the first prize at the school level, the second prize at the provincial level and the third prize at the national level in the Contests in Higher Mathematics, the third prize in Mathematical Contest in Modeling in Central China, the internet plus silver and bronze awards at the school level and the Top Ten Charming Students——Best Popularity Award”. He also obtained the second-class scholarship at the school level many times, and won many honorable titles such as “Model League Cadres”, “Excellent Student” and so on.

For college students, “The Most Beautiful College Student is the highest honor, because it is the highest affirmation and praise for them. After strict selection, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the Ministry of Education selected 10 people from the previous Person of the Year of Chinas College Students, showing the good spirit of contemporary college students who have dedication in their jobs and determination to work hard with continuous efforts.

It is reported that the release ceremony, with the theme of Strive for Patriotism and Courage to Move Forward in the New Era”, is divided into four chapters:“Safeguard Our Homes Together”, “Youth with Struggle”, “A Pursuit for Poverty Alleviationand Great Love Transcends Borders”. 10 most beautiful college students and 10 most beautiful college counselors from all over the country in 2020 were commended, which fully demonstrated the great achievements made by contemporary college students and college counselors in the fields of anti-epidemic front, realizing the practice of the Chinese Dreamand education poverty alleviation. CCTV-1 replayed the next day and broadcast simultaneously in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.