Software Engineering Is Selected As First Batch Of National First-Class Online-and-Offline Blended Course

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       On October 30, intheAnnouncement on the Recognition Results of the First Batch of National First-Class Undergraduate Courses issued by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, 5 courses of Wuhan University of Science and Technology are on it, including 2 online first-class courses, 2 offline courses and 1 online-and-offline blended course. The software engineering course of our school is selected as thefirst batch of national first-class online-and-offline blended course.

In October 2019, the Ministry of Education officially released the suggestions on implementing first-class undergraduate course construction. The target sets to build about ten thousand national first-class undergraduate courses and ten thousand provincial undergraduate courses (“Double Ten-Thousand Plan") in 3 years.

Identifying about ten thousand national first-class undergraduate courses:focusing on the innovation, leading demonstration and promotion of the innovative, inter-disciplinary and application-orientation talents construction, and on the basis of cultivation construction of universities, about 4000 provincial first-class undergraduate courses(national premium open online courses), 400 national first-class offline courses, 6000 national online-and-offline blended courses, 1500 national first-class virtual simulation experimental teaching courses and1,000 national first-class social practice courses will be identified from 2019 to 2021.

     Identifying about ten thousand provincial first-class undergraduate courses:all administrative departments of education at the provincial level should, in accordance with the needs of the reform and development of regional higher education and with reference to the requirements of these opinions, specifically organize and implement the plan for first-class undergraduate courses construction in their regions. The recommended national first-class courses should pay attention to solve the long-standing problems in education and teaching of local universities; and the provincial first-class undergraduate courses should be built in accordance with local conditions, university conditions and course conditions, and reported to the Ministry of Education for the record.

       The software engineering course led by Zhang Xiaolong, the Dean of our school, was successfully built into the excellent resource sharing course of WUST in 2012, and the excellent resource sharing course of Hubei Province in 2014. And in 2018, it was built into an online course on UOOC and Xuetang Online Platform, and successfully accomplished two semesters of online and offline blended teaching.    
     In recent years, the “task-driven”
practical teaching model has been adopted in the software engineering course, which separates the whole course content into tasks and divides the students into several groups, and each group will perform these tasks separately under the guidance of teachers. Completing the tasks can cultivate students teamwork spirits, which is the basic quality equipped by project members in software project development. In addition, the competition and cooperation between groups can help students to better complete the given tasks, stimulate their interest in spontaneous learning, digest what they have learned and understand the relevance between the knowledge and related courses. The task-driven teaching model is favorable to cultivating students’innovative spirit and improving students’manipulative ability.