Jian Ping Liao

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Name: Jian Ping Liao


Personal Profile

Jianping Liao received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer science and application from Shanghai Maritime University in 1988. In 2007, he received a master's degree in computer application technology from Wuhan University of Technology.Lecturer, School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology.

Personal Information

A lecturer

Gender: Male

Teacher College: School of Computer Science and Technology

School/Department: Department of Computer Technology

Education Level: University degree

Degree: A master's degree

Alma Mater: Shanghai Maritime University

Discipline:computer science and application

Scientific Research

Paper Publications

[1]Jianping Liao, Direct Reading and Writing of Large Capacity Hard Disk Sectors and Application, Microcomputer Information, 2007, 8

[2] JianpingLiao, Discussion on Computer System Vulnerability, Fujian Computer, 2010,4

[3]Jianping Liao, website security risks and prevention strategies, Software Guide, 2010,8

Published Books

[1] Access Database Technology and ApplicationDecember 2020 PublishingEditorISBN:978-7-113-27602-7