Pingfang Tian

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Name: Pingfang Tian


Personal Profile  

 Pingfang Tian received the master’s degree in Computer Network from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, in 2003. She is currently a professor in the School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China. Her research focuses on Knowledge Organization and Knowledge Graph Applications.

Personal Information


Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Gender: Female

Teacher College: School of Computer Science and Technology

School/Department: Department of Computer Technology

Education Level: Postgraduate (Doctoral), Graduate, College/ University

Degree: Master’s Degree

Alma Mater: Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Discipline: Computer Science and Technology

Scientific Research

Research Field

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Organization

Paper Publications

 [1] P. Tian, Q. Guang. and X. Liu, Cloud detection from visual band of satellite image based on variance of fractal dimension, in Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 485-491, June 2019, doi: 10.21629/JSEE.2019.03.06.

[2] Kai Zhang; Gary G. Yen; Zhenan He; MEDICAL EVENT REPRESENTATION AND REASONING FOR CHINESE CLINICAL GUIDELINE, DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Technology, 2015, doi: 10.12783/dtcse/cib2015/16167.

[3] Tian, P., Zhu, Z., Xiong, L. et al. A recommendation mechanism for web publishing based on sentiment analysis of microblog. Wuhan Univ. J. Nat. Sci. 20, 146–152 (2015). doi:10.1007/s11859-015-1073-1

[4] Tian P., Zhu Z., Huang Z. (2014) Evidence-Based Treatment of Medical Guideline. In: Zhao D., Du J., Wang H., Wang P., Ji D., Pan J. (eds) The Semantic Web and Web Science. CSWS 2014. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 480. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. doi:10.1007/978-3-662-45495-4_17

Published Books

[1] Key semantic technologies for cloud Publishing, 2015, Wuhan University Press ISBN: 9787307155480

Teaching Information

[1] Python Language /Autumn Term / 32 Required Class Hours

[2] Database Technology and Applications /Autumn Term / 40 Required Class Hours