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Name: ZhibingYu


Personal Profile  

ZhibingYu received the master. degree in computer application from China West Normal University, nanchong, China, in 2005.  He is currently a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China. His research focuses on Data Warehouse and computer application.

Personal Information


Gender: Male

Teacher College: School of Computer Science and Technology

School/Department: Department of computer technology

Education Level: Postgraduate (Master)

Degree:Master Degree in Science

Alma Mater: Northeastern University

Discipline:computer software

Scientific Research

Research Field

Data Warehouse

computer application

Paper Publications

[1] Zhibing Yu; MingdongLi; Sales analysis system of wine group based on Sql server 2000 OLAP technology, 2004, 25(3):286-289

Published Books

  1. The foundation and application of database based on Access,China Railway Publishing House , 2012, ISBN: 978-7-113-14985-7

  2. The Laboratory instruction for The foundation and application of database based on Access,China Railway Publishing House , 2012, ISBN: 978-7-113-14984-0

  3. The technology and application of database based on Access2010 ,China Railway Publishing House , 2021, ISBN: 978-7-113-27602-7

Teaching Information

[1] Fundamentals of university computer science /Autumn Term / 48 Required Class Hours

[2] Computer programming(C) /spring Term / 64 Required Class Hours

[3] Database technology and its application /Autumn Term / 48 Required Class Hours