Kui Zhang

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Name: Kui Zhang


Personal Profile  

Kui Zhang received the master degree in control theory and control engineer from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, in 1999. She is currently an associate professor in the School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China. Her research focuses on graphics and image processing and big data processing of biological genes.

Personal Information

Associate Professor

Gender: Female

Teacher College: School of Computer Science and Technology

School/Department: Department of Computer Technology

Education Level: Master

Degree:Master Degree in Engineering

Alma Mater: Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Discipline:Industrial Electrical Automation

Scientific Research

Research Field

Graph and Image Processing

CNV detection in DNA computing

Paper Publications

[1] Kui Zhang, Xiaohu Zhou, Heng He, etc.; A Smart Roll Wear Check Scheme for Ensuring the Rolling Quality of Steel Plates4th International Conference on Smart Computing and Communications, 2019: 11-21.

[2] Kui Zhang, Lingchen Zhu. Application of 3D-visualization of carbonate rock pore facies based on ray casting algorithm, 12th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, 2017: 185-189.

[3] Kui Zhang, Xiaolong Zhang, Xin Xu; Mutual Information Optimization Based Dynamic Log-Polar Image Registration, Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University(Science), 2015, 20(1): 61-67.

[4] Kui Zhang, Lingchen Zhu; Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm in Automatic Test Paper Generation, 2015 Chinese Automation Congress.

Published Books

[1] University Computer Basic, Electronic Industry Press, 2019, ISBN: 978-7-121-34181-9

[2] University Computer Basic Experiments and Problem Solutions, 2019, ISBN: 978-7-121-34182-3

Teaching Research

Teaching Information

[1] Basic Computer Science /Autumn Term / 48 Required Class Hours

[2] Image Processing /Autumn Term / 40 Required Class Hours

[3] C Language Programming Foundation /Spring Term / 64 Required Class Hours

[4] Computer Graphics / Spring Term / 40 Required Class Hours

Teaching Achievement

[1] Teaching Reform and Practice of Computer Basic Courses for Non-computer Majors, Second Prize of School-level Teaching Achievement Award, 2012