The School of Computer and Technology now has four undergraduate majors: Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering and Information Security. Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering are first-class majors developed on national level. We also have two primary discipline master's degree programs. They include Computer Science and Technology (computer system structure, computer software and theory, computer application technology, network information security) and Software Engineering. And one subordinate discipline doctoral program: Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System. The school owns two national centers and a Key Laboratory of Hubei Province: the National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center for Metallurgical Industry Process and the National Computer Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and a Key Laboratory of Hubei Province: Intelligent Information Processing and Real-time Industrial System. The co-established Content Organization and Knowledge Service of Rich Media Digital Publishing National Radio and Television Administration Key Laboratory is a pilot unit of comprehensive reform in Hubei Province. Computer Science and Technology, as a national characteristic discipline, has been approved as a national excellent engineer training program, and Software Engineering has been approved as the strategic emerging (pillar) industry talent training program and the Jingchu Outstanding Talents collaborative education program in Hubei Province. And we have close cooperation with foreign universities and research institutions in the United States, Britain, Japan, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

The school has more than 80 full-time academic staff members, including 10 doctoral supervisors, 20 professors, and 40 associate professors. Among all the academic staff members, 60% have doctors degrees, 79.22% have senior professional titles, and 97% have a masters degree or a doctors degree. At present, the school has 2,182 undergraduates and 406 graduate students. And we have 10 academic divisions, including Department of Computer Science, Department of Software Engineering, Department of Network Engineering, Department of Computer Technology, Department of Information Security, Institute of Big Data Science and Engineering Research, Institute of Intelligent Robot Research and Computer Software Research and Development Center. We also have experimental equipment for scientific research with a total value of over 30 million yuan and various research laboratories with a total area of over 7,000 square meters.

Firmly adhering to the concept of teaching-centered position, the school regards the construction of teaching staff as the fundamental guarantee to improve the talent training quality. In recent years, more than 30 teachers had overseas training, thus the internationalization of our teachers has been continuously improved, which strongly supports the cultivation of high-quality applied talents. The teachers of the school, with excellent teaching ability, are dedicated to their work. There are 3 winners of the Teaching Contest for College Young Teachers in Hubei Province, 1 winner of the honorable title of teaching master in Hubei Province, 1 winner of the Baogang Excellent Teacher Award, 1winner of the Google (China) Excellent Teaching and Cultivating Award. And over 10 teachers won the honorable titles of Outstanding Teacher, Model teacher, New Teaching Talent, SanYuRen Advanced Individual and Top Ten Young Teachers of WUST. Teaching Team for Core Courses of Software Engineering and Teaching Team for Core Courses of Information Security are approved as excellent teaching teams in Hubei Province. Our teachers have been actively carrying out teaching researches, and have achieved fruitful teaching and research results. In recent years, we have hosted more than 30 provincial and ministerial level teaching and research projects, published about 30 textbooks and over 100 teaching and research papers, and won one National Teaching Achievement Award, three provincial teaching achievement awards, one national first-class online-and-offline blended courses, two provincial online first-class courses, and two provincial elaborate resource-sharing courses.

The academic staff members have presided over and participated in more than 300 scientific research tasks of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, sub-item of National Major Subjects and various scientific research tasks serving the main battlefield of national economy, and have won more than 10 National or Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, published over 40 scientific and technological monographs and textbooks, owned over 60 national invention patents and over 1000 software copyrights. Over 800 papers have been published, among which over 600 have been recorded by SCI, EI and ISTP.

Our school, with a favorable climate for learning and a strong scientific and technological innovation atmosphere, attaches great importance to creating a civilized, healthy and positive educational environment. The school has more than 10 college students' science and technology innovation teams and independent learning interest clubs, like ACM Club, Climber Robotics Football Team, Microsoft Club, Virtual Reality Club, IOS Club, JAVA Club, Pilot Studio and Embedded Association, Information Security Association and Artificial Intelligence Association. Among them, the Climber Robotics Football Team has won 12 world championships and 13 national championships, and the ACM club has won 1 gold medal, 8 silver medals and 21 bronze medals in the Asian Regional Competition of ACM International Student Programming Competition. In the past five years, with the guidance of our teachers, our students have won over 700 national and provincial awards in various extracurricular scientific and cultural activities and academic competitions, and have won many prizes in national competitions such as Challenge Cup, Creating Youth and Internet Plus. In 2019, we have won a national second prize in the Challenge Cup National Undergraduate Contest of Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Work, being the best record in WUST history. Every year undergraduate students publish over 10 papers and apply for over 50 patents and software copyrights. The employment quality of students has steadily improved, as the employment rate of graduate students reaching 100% and undergraduates exceeding 96%.