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During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the school undertook 55 National Natural Science Foundation projects, including 1 National Key Project of Scientific Instrument Development, 23 general projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 31 youth projects of NSFC, 1 National Key Joint Project of Science and Technology, and 4 sub-topics of National Key Research and Development Plan and 1 Pre-research Project for Equipment Development. 2 Key Projects of Research and Development of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and 1 Engineering Project for Industrial Internet Innovation and Development, were also conducted by the school. 20 Natural Science Funds supported by Hubei Province, including 1 Innovative Group Project and 1 Outstanding Youth Project, were undertaken as well as 5 Key Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects, 3 Key Research and Development Projects supported by Hubei Province, 1 Special Project supported by the central government for leading the local scientific and technological development, 5 Key Scientific Projects, 4 Youth Fund Projects supported by Hubei Provincial Department of Education, and 1 Special Frontier Project of Fundamentals of Application Technology supported by Wuhan Municipal Government.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the school was funding totally 119,177,300 RMB, of which the government funding was 86,632,300 RMB, and the enterprise funding was 32,815,000 RMB. The school actually received the scientific funds of 104,141,500 RMB, of which the government funding was 60,220,000 RMB and the enterprise funds was 43,920,000 RMB. Also, the school won 3 first prizes of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, 1 first prize of Engineering Construction Science and Technology Award, 1 second prize of Technology Invention Award of Ministry of Education, and 1 second prize of Hubei Provincial Technology Invention Award, 8 provincial second prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 second prize of Science and Technology Award of China Highway Society, 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology Award.

The school published 1,069 papers in authoritative journals around the world, of which 366 were indexed by SCI. 289 patents and software copyrights were granted, including 2 international invention patents, 104 Chinese invention patents, 104 technological patents, 1 industrial design patent, and 78 software copyrights. Meanwhile, 350 patents including 239 invention patents were applied. 2 national standards were formulated and 11 academic monographs were published by the faculty of the school.