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Wuhan University of Science and Technology School of Science and Teddy Intelligent Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. jointly build an internship practice base
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(Correspondent He Xiaoxia) On the afternoon of March 22, 2022, Professor Li Deyi, Dean of the School of Science, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Professor Li Shougui, Director of the Hubei Key Laboratory of Process System Science for Metallurgical Industry, Professor Li Yunbao, Deputy Dean of the School of Science, Professor Chen Guici, and Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics. Professor Yu Shengchun, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Department of Statistics, Associate Professor Liu Yunbing, Dean of the Department, and Associate Professor He Xiaoxia, Deputy Director of the Department of Statistics, went to Teddy Intelligent Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. to attend the signing ceremony of jointly building an internship practice base.


Tian Daiping, general manager of Teddy Intelligent Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., first delivered a speech, thanking Wuhan University of Science and Technology for its support and trust in the company’s construction and development. Then he introduced the development history of Teddy Technology, the construction of big data professional groups and practice bases, etc. , hoping to achieve win-win cooperation and development with the school in talent training, student internship training, and student employment.


Li Deyi, Dean of the School of Science, introduced the professional background of the school, and pointed out that over the years, the school has been actively exploring the road of school-enterprise cooperation and development, closely and in-depth cooperation with social practice, internship employment and enterprises, and hopes that through school-enterprise cooperation and practice base platform build and train high-level applied technical talents. While strengthening the school’s ability to serve the society, it will help the development of enterprises, promote the sustainable and steady development of cooperation between the two parties, and contribute to economic and social development. Schools and enterprises should give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen the effective connection between production, learning and research, and jointly cultivate high-level professionals who meet the needs of society in the principle of resource sharing, mutual cooperation and common development.


Li Yunbao, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science, expressed his gratitude to Teddy Intelligent Technology Company for its care and support on behalf of the Faculty. He introduced the characteristics and advantages of the college in personnel training and teaching research. He said that the college will further condense undergraduate teaching resources, strengthen in-depth cooperation with Teddy Intelligent Technology in platform construction, teaching research, talent training, etc., promote the Ministry of Education’s industry-university cooperation and collaborative education project planning, respond to national strategies, and serve the society. Cultivate practical and innovative talents to make due contributions.


Witnessed by the leaders and guests, Li Yunbao, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Tian Daiping, General Manager of Teddy Intelligent Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., held the unveiling ceremony of the Internship Training Base.


After the unveiling ceremony, the two parties negotiated and communicated on the specific details of the cooperation, and also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the construction of postgraduate workstations for applied statistics majors. Under the leadership of technical staff, the school leaders visited Teddy Technology Big Data Artificial Intelligence Product Exhibition Hall. During the visit, Dean Li Deyi highly affirmed the technological innovation and talent training that Teddy Technology has achieved in recent years.


The signing of this contract will greatly promote the integration of production and education in our school, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, and promote the organic connection between the education chain, talent chain, industrial chain, and innovation chain. It will greatly promote the construction and development of statistics in our school. It will also achieve a win-win situation for schools, enterprises and students.