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The 2022 Curriculum Ideology and Politics Teaching Design Competition of the Faculty of Science was successfully concluded
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In order to improve the teaching ability and tap the enthusiasm to explore curriculum ideology and politics of teachers, on November 3th, our Faculty held the third curriculum ideology and politics teaching design competition in classroom 12108 of HengDa Building. Dean Ding Yiming, Party Secretary Liu Zexi, Vice Dean Chen Guici and department heads attended the competition and served as judges, Vice Dean He Li presided over the competition.


Liu Zexi delivered a speech that teachers need to closely combine the opportunities and challenges in the process of national construction and development, integrate ideological and political elements into daily teaching, fully explore and enrich the connotation of curriculum education, and improve the teaching ability of curriculum ideology and politics; While imparting knowledge and cultivating ability, correctly guid students' values and truly realize the cultivation of morality.

The competition was launched in the form of online and offline joint display, on-site comments and questions from judges, and instant defense by teachers. The nine participating teachers demonstrated their courses through three sessions: lecture, teaching demonstration, teaching reflection and defense. In the teaching demonstration session, the participating teachers showed everyone how to integrate ideological and political education with curriculum teaching based on the professional characteristics of the courses they taught, so that ideological and political elements can be seamlessly integrated into the whole process of cultivating morality and cultivating people, so as to realize the resonance of teachers and students at the same frequency, and achieve the educational effect of moisturizing and silent.

In this teaching design competition, Han Fang and Li Chunli won the first prize, Zhang Xueying, Hou Tingping and Xing Yuanxiu won the second prize, and Chen Guijuan, Gong Yicheng, Jiang Chao and Wang Haowen won the third prize.


Ding Yiming made a summary of the competition. He stressed that the process of teaching and educating people requires the full dedication of teachers, and the curriculum ideological and political competition can mobilize more teachers to carry out research and exploration of teaching reform, give full play to the role of classroom teaching and education as the main channel and main position, and expect teachers to achieve excellent results in school-level competitions.