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Instructor personally assists in teaching photojournalism
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In order to further enhance the internal and external publicity level of our hospital, strengthen the writing ability of various departments, and help everyone understand photography-related skills,on the afternoon of November 7, the Youth Media Center of our college held a press release and photography training conference on 22101.Bi Haoyang, the 2021-level counselor of our school, and Li Yuwan, deputy minister of the press team, were the keynote speakers of this conference.

I graduated with a major in journalism. Next, I want to share with you my knowledge about photography when I was in college. Bi Haoyang went straight to the subject, The choice of camera, the use of large and small apertures, and the method of composition are all we need to know. According to Bi Haoyang, there are many types of cameras, and the use of SLR cameras in the shooting of the Internet Propaganda Department can meet ordinary shooting needs.

Considering that most students lack hardware facilities and can only use mobile phones to shoot, Bi Haoyang also introduced the skills of mobile phone shooting and composition. Wang Qihang, you can take a picture of the classmates behind you with your mobile phone. Bi Haoyang randomly selected a classmate for a live demonstration and showed the photo to everyone, As you can see, in this photo, the classmate next to you wants to avoid , But he didn’t completely avoid it. To a certain extent, there will be a stealth effect. Compared with the mosaics that everyone is good at, cropping the size or choosing a good angle when taking pictures will make the whole picture more harmonious.In addition, Bi Haoyang also recommended two websites, China National Geographic and People's Daily, for landscape and character pictures, so as to facilitate everyone's further understanding and self-study.

Regarding the press release training, Li Yuwan gave a detailed explanation of the repeatedly exposed issues based on the manuscripts collected in the recent period: Activity manuscripts are the most, but in fact, the activity manuscripts are very boring.Students must pay more attention to life, find news points in life, and write highlights. Li Yuwan also pointed out that in the press release, many students had problems such as expressing subjective emotions, gorgeous rhetoric, and false content. She put forward corresponding solutions one by one.