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The principal conducts research to help the development of the college
Release people:理学院  Release time:2022-03-16   viewed:10

 (Correspondent College of Science) On the afternoon of March 15, Principal Ni Hongwei came to our college to carry out a special investigation. The relevant person in charge of the school office, all the leadership team of the college, and some teacher representatives participated in the research symposium.

 Dean Li Deyi made a report to Ni Hongwei on the faculty, discipline construction, scientific research and teaching, and future development planning of the college. He also reflected the constraints in the introduction of talents, the construction of doctoral programs, and the development of disciplines in the development of the college.

 Party Secretary Liu Zexi and members of the leadership team had in-depth exchanges with President Ni Hongwei on the relevant work, during which some constructive opinions are put forward.

 After listening to the relevant work report of the leaders of the college, Ni Hongwei fully affirmed the achievements of our college in discipline construction, talent training, alumni work, etc., and expressed his appreciation for the work ideas of the college’s future development.

 Ni Hongwei pointed out that it is necessary to carefully analyze and summarize our own advantages, characteristics and shortcomings, actively carry out cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries, insist on both introduction and education, increase the introduction of high-level talents, and focus on cultivating young talents with development potential. The Faculty of Science should pay attention to major issues that urgently need to be solved at the national level, and actively strive for social resources with professional theories and technologies. Continue to strengthen and expand school-enterprise cooperation, give full play to the active role of existing cooperation platforms in the construction and development of the college, further develop systems science, physics and other disciplines, and help the school to build a "double first-class" university.

 After the meeting, Ni Hongwei made a field visit to the laboratory of the college accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the college.