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Material Physics 

Training objectives: Facing the strategic emerging (pillar) industries such as new material and new energy, Material Physics major aims to cultivate high-quality innovative talents, who obtain all around development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education, and master the knowledge of natural science, professional theory and engineering technology required by the major of material physics. These high-quality applied talents have good professional ethics, international vision, humanistic quality and social responsibility and be able to engage in research, teaching, technical and product development, production and management in materials science and engineering, physics and other related fields.

Core courses: Fundamentals of Physics, Atomic Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Electrodynamics, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Fundamentals of Materials Science, Physical Performances of Materials, Material Research Methods, etc.

Note: 2022 freshmen will directly enter the pilot classes of the Talent Training Programs for Strategic and Emerging (Pillar) Industries in Hubei Province Ordinary Colleges and Universities.

Engineering mechanics

Training objectives: The program aims to enable the students well-rounded and adapt to the demand of socialist market economy. It is designed to foster applied talents with a high quality and solid foundation of mathematics and modern mechanics, who systematically master the basic theories and methods in mechanics, testing and engineering design, get the basic train about scientific and engineering research, software development and network knowledge. And so, the graduates will be competent enough to apply the learned mechanics and engineering technologies to application research, new technologies developing, engineering design, and engineering management.

Core courses: Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics,  Structure Mechanics, Elastic Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Fundamentals of FEM, Explosion Blasting, Vibration Theory, Steel Structure, Concrete Structure.


Objectives: This major trains high-quality applied talents with high ideological quality, solid foundation, strong practical ability, innovative consciousness and international vision, who can be engaged in research, teaching, application and development, management and other work in statistics, economics and finance, education, big data analysis, computer science and other departments.

Core courses: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra and Analytic Geometry, Microeconomics, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Regression Analysis, Stochastic Process, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Computing and Software.

Information and Computation Science 

Training Objectives: Training compound high-quality talents with the development requirements of the information age, good mathematical literacy and solid mathematical foundation, the basic theory and methods of computer science, and with the basic training of scientific research. Equipped students with ability to use the learned mathematical knowledge and computer skills to engage in information analysis and processing, in software development and management, and in big data processing. Cultivating them in mathematics and related fields to be engaged in research, teaching, application and management in scientific research or science and technology, education, information industry, economics and finance, administrative management and other fields.

Core courses: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Calculation Methods, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations, Signal Analysis and Processing, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Structure, Introduction to Database Systems, Algorithm Analysis and Design, etc.