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(Correspondent Chen Yali su Huijun) In order to thank the teachers for their hard work in this semester, and let the students of Grade 2021 hold the hope of Winter solstice has arrived, spring is coming back, on December 21, the grade 2021 team of our college launched the Winter warmth action.

It is said that the first event was planned three weeks in advance. They once collected ideas about big events from students on the official WEBSITE. After several meetings and screening, Winter warmth was approved by most people.

What kind of gift can really make teachers and students feel warm? After a week of intense discussion, the grade group finally decided to send our school's special postcards and carp badges. The postcard was hand-written by all the members of the grade, expressing warm wishes to the teachers and students. The customized postcards can be more flexible to express our best wishes to each person, while the carp badge is to hope that all of us young carp bravely forge ahead. Grade group member Huang Xingzhen said.

In order to let teachers and students experience the feeling of opening the blind box, add fun activities, grade group prepared gift bags, each gift bag also randomly put some snacks.

During the morning self-study period, the grade team entered the self-study room of each class and brought a warm gift to the students of Grade 2021. After the morning self-study, the grade group went to the teacher's office with gifts and waited for the teacher to arrive.

After receiving the warm gift from the grade League in winter, Guo Zhaojun, Gongli 2101, immediately shared the gift on his wechat moments, writing, The blessings on the postcard and the lovely stick figure make me feel very warm and kind. I know that even in the winter, one should keep a good mood and wait for spring.

Bi Haoyang, the counselor of grade 2021 of our college, said happily, Holding this activity at the end of the semester makes me really feel that my work is recognized, and at the same time, students can be full of energy to review and prepare for the exam despite the cold winter.