The teaching of dynamic

The teaching of dynamic

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    In order to cultivate the spirit of love, dedication, and rigorous academic pursuit of young teachers, guide young teachers to strengthen classroom teaching ability training, improve their ideological and professional qualities, and improve their teaching ability and teaching level,the 2020 Young Teacher Teaching Competition of the Faculty of Science was successfully held in Huangjiahu Campus 22101 recently. The dean of the Faculty of Science Professor Li Deyi served as the head of the judging committee. The party secretary of the Faculty of Science Liu Zexi, the deputy dean Li Yunbao, Chen Guici and the heads of the departments served as the judges. Some teachers and students watched the competition.

In this competition, more than 30 teachers from our school participated in the competition. Three teachers from the Department of Engineering Mechanics, Yang Lin from the Department of Engineering Mechanics, Zou Du from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Zhu Sicong from the Department of Physics, stood out and pushed to participate in the school-level finals.

The competition is divided into three sections: teaching design, classroom teaching and teaching reflection.The participating teachers uphold the spirit of ingenuity, and have made careful preparations in terms of teaching content, teaching methods and language style, etc., and they have been fully affirmed by the on-site judges.In the course of the competition, young teachers closely follow the teaching goals, skillfully use modern teaching methods such as multimedia, and step by step around the analysis of academic conditions and key difficulties, reflecting the teaching level in professional teaching.

Dean Li Deyi pointed out that based on the characteristics of the teaching skills competition, young teachers should innovate, actively speculate, and use modern teaching techniques flexibly on the basis of traditional teaching methods.In the classroom design process, teachers should think more about how students learn well and how teachers teach well to polish their courses and professional qualities.

The development of the teaching competition for young teachers has established a platform for young teachers in our school to learn and communicate, and create a good teaching atmosphere of learning while playing, and learning while reforming, which has played a role in improving the quality of classroom teaching and teacher development of young teachers.