2018 China-Austria Postgraduate Seminar

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On September 20, the first "China-Austria Postgraduate Seminar" was successfully held. The conference was organized by the School of Materials and Metallurgy, The State Key Laboratory of Refractory and Metallurgy, National-provincial Joint Engineering Research Center of High Temperature Materials and Lining Technology, and the Graduate School and the Office of International Exchange was co-organizer.

5 Ph.Ds from Montanuniversitaet Leoben and 5 Ph.Ds from Wuhan University of Science and Technology gave 10 lectures. The content covers the composition and microstructure design of refractory materials, the preparation and characterization of lightweight foam ceramics, the research methods of high-temperature in-situ crystallization behavior, the application of discrete element and finite element simulation techniques in refractories, the high-temperature mechanical behavior of refractories and Research on the hydration mechanism of new binders for refractory castables. More than 50 teachers and students from the School of Materials and Metallurgy participated in this seminar and conducted lively discussions on the issues of interest. The academic atmosphere was strong.

China and Austria have established and maintained a good cooperative partnership since 2008, and have achieved remarkable results in mutual recognition of undergraduate divisions, cooperative application of scientific research projects, joint application of international joint laboratories and exchange of scholars to conduct experimental research.