The School of Automobile and Traffic Engineering (SATE), formed by the merger of the Department of Transportation Engineering in the School of Urban Construction and the Department of Automotive Engineering in the School of Machinery and Automation, was established in the recent year of 2008, but its earliest history can be traced back to 1965 when the major of Construction Machinery was first set. After decades of development, SATE has formed its own unique school style as well as its disciplinary advantages, thus attracting many excellent domestic and overseas talents in the fields of automotive engineering and traffic engineering. In addition, the complete facilities as well as the strong academic atmosphere make it one of the most potential schools in the university and beyond.


SATE consists of three departments, i.e. the Department of Automobile Engineering, the Department of Traffic Engineering, and the Department of Transportation and Logistics Engineering; three experimental centers, i.e. the Automobile Engineering Experimental Center, the Traffic Engineering Experimental Center and the Transportation and Logistics Engineering Experimental Center and three research institutes, i.e. the Institute of Traffic Engineering, the Institute of Automotive Engineering, and the Institute of Logistics Engineering.


SATE has 61 faculty members, including 12 professors, 21 associate professors and senior engineers (19 associate professors and 2 senior engineers), 5 doctoral supervisors, 20 master supervisors, 30 teachers with doctoral degrees (including on-the-job Ph.D. students). 90 percent of our teachers are doctoral or master degree holders. Our young and energetic faculty are innovative and ambitious.


Now SATE has become a teaching-based and research-oriented college with strong comprehensive strength. We are authorized to confer Doctor’s Degree in Automotive Engineering, Master’s Degrees in Automotive Engineering, Traffic Transportation Engineering, Logistics Technology and Equipment, and Traffic Information and Safety Engineering. There are now five undergraduate programs, including Automotive Engineering, Automobile Service Engineering, Traffic Transportation, Traffic Engineering, and Logistics Engineering. In particular, the Automotive Engineering has been listed as a key discipline in Hubei province. At present, we have a student body of nearly 1500 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students. In addition, our school is the seat of Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for Automotive Components Technology and Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for New Energy Automobile. 


Over the last five years, our faculty have undertaken more than 40 research projects at the national and provincial levels, and more than 60 enterprise projects with the average annual funding reaching 4.21 million yuan. Meanwhile, more than 90 quality journal papers and 10 books have been published, including more than 20 SCI/EI/ISTP indexed papers. In addition, more than 10 provincial and school-level awards as well as 30-plus national patents have been obtained by our faculty. In brief, SATE has explored and taken the lead in many unique and predominant research area in the fields of vehicle energy conservation and pollution control, new energy for automobiles, traffic system planning, traffic management and control, traffic information system, transportation and logistics system planning, and green production logistics.  


Our School remains committed to cultivating qualified graduates with solid foundation, strong practical ability, hard-working and creativity in the automobile, traffic, logistics and other related fields. In recent years, our students have participated won more than 20 awards in various levels of competitions: the National Undergraduate Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, Formula SAE (FSAE), Logistics Design Competition, Transportation Science and Technology Competition, Honda Energy Saving Competition and so on, among which they have scored one first prize and 3 second prizes in the Transportation Science and Technology Competition, and 3 second prizes in the Logistics Design Competition.


Our graduates are much welcomed by the employers because of their solid foundation with outstanding capability and creativity. The job placement rate in the last five years is as high as 98 percent, ranking top in our university.


The faculty of SATE are actively engaged in academic exchanges and technical cooperation with other universities, research institutes, and enterprises. Our close partners include the University of Akron (US), Chiba University (JPN), China Railway SIYUAN Survey and Design Group CO., LTD, CCCC Second Harbor Consultants CO., LTD, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company, and Wuhan Public Transport Group CO., LTD..


Under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, we firmly uphold the development concept of “Quality, Talent, Uniqueness” to meet the strategic needs of the country, region and the industry. Based on our disciplinary advantages, we will explore more new frontiers to achieve leap-forward development. SATE will further strengthen the discipline construction and teacher development, expand the international exchanges and cooperation, and strive to be a high-level college well-known at home with certain international influence.


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