The school of Literature,Law and Economics covers three disciplines: management, law, and economics;establishes six undergraduate majors in administration, labor and social security, law, social work, international economics and trade, and investment;possesses a Ph.D. program in the second-level discipline of Public Safety Engineering and Management ,two first-level master's programs in Public management and applied economics, three academic second-level master’s programs and four professional master degree authorization points in Public Administration (MPA), Social Work (MSW), International Business (MIB) and Master of Laws (JM).Currently, there are more than 1,400 undergraduates and more than 400 postgraduates enrolled.

The faculty is strong. The college has 76 full-time and part-time teachers, including 20 professors (8 doctoral supervisors) and 36 associate professors.The school has 1 national outstanding teacher, 1 expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council,1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Hubei Province, 1 famous teaching teacher in Hubei Province, 1 famous teacher in Hubei Province,2 winners of Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award,2 winners of the May 1st Labor Medal in Hubei Province and 1 winner of the “Huo Yingdong Young Teacher Award”.Among all the teachers,70% of them have a doctoral degree, 45% of them have overseas study experience.

The teaching is fruitful .The college's teaching quality project has achieved remarkable results.It has been approved 1 national quality course, 1 national quality resource sharing course, 1 national first-class undergraduate course,1 national-level first-class undergraduate professional construction site,2 Hubei Provincial Excellent Courses, 1 Hubei Provincial Online Excellent Course, 1 Provincial Teaching Team, 1 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and 1 Twelfth Five-Year Plan National Planning Textbook.It has won 1 first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award, 3 first prizes and 2 second prizes of the Provincial Teaching Achievement Award.

The results of scientific research are remarkable. In the past 5 years, the college has undertaken 19 national social science funds, more than 70 provincial and ministerial-level projects, and 202 municipal and departmental-level and horizontal scientific research projects.The total funding exceeds 10 million yuan and it has published more than 40 academic works. It won 1 second prize of the Ministry of Education Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences), and 12 provincial and ministerial-level Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards.More than 20 research reports have been approved by provincial and ministerial leaders or adopted by relevant departments. The research results have provided powerful decision-making consultations for local governments.

 Platform advantage is outstanding. The college has 1 key discipline of Hubei Province-Public Management,2 key humanities research bases in Hubei Province: Hubei Province Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Research Center, a Hubei Non-profit Organization Research Center;5 university-level research institutions: foundation research institute, financial securities research institute, intellectual property research institute, innovation and entrepreneurship research institute, labor economic research institute.Chinese County Economic and Social Development Research Center, Hubei Provincial Administrative Management Society and Hubei Provincial Entrepreneurship Research Association are affiliated with our institute.

The practice has paid off. The college attaches great importance to students' extracurricular academic technological innovation activities.Since 2002, it has won 77 provincial and above awards in the previous Challenge Cup series of events, including 11 national second prizes, 14 third prizes,2 outstanding awards, 15 first prizes, 22 second prizes and 11 third prizes.

Foreign Exchanges are frequent.The college actively develops foreign exchanges.Since 2005, the Chinese Language Teaching Center began to carry out Chinese language training for foreign students.In 2007,it signed a joint training program for masters in economics with the Freiberg University of Technology in Germany.3 graduate students from our school went to Germany to study for a master's degree.13 German international students came to our school to study for a degree or research course, of which 3 international students obtained a master's degree in economics.From 2012 to 2020, a total of 166 students from the college went to Hong Kong to participate in social practice activities.

The teaching facilities are complete.The college has 6 dedicated classrooms such as a case room and a multi-functional language room;it also has professional laboratory equipped with more than 300 computers,a large-scale information center with a collection of more than 40,000 books and more than 300 types of domestic and foreign periodicals, a professional simulation laboratory with an investment of more than 2 million yuan,a Putonghua testing center with well-equipped facilities.Moot court has become a special laboratory for college students to use legal knowledge to train professional skills.At present, the college is gradually realizing the modernization of teaching methods, the digitization of books and materials, the simulation of internships, and the networking of teaching management.

In the practice of running schools for many years, the college has attached great importance to the improvement of the quality of education and teaching, followed the objective law of talent training, actively adapted to the realistic requirements of the society for talents,  aimed to cultivate high-level professionals with innovative spirit and practical ability and created a rigorous academic environment conducive to the growth of talents, promoting quality education and achieving obvious teaching effects and a high social reputation.

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Data updated in May 2021