School of Literature, Law and Economics offers 6 undergraduate programs, namely Administration, Labor and Social Security, Law, Social Work, International Economics and Trade,and Investment in 3 disciplines: Management, Law and Economics. Of these disciplines, we are authorized to offer PhD Degrees in Public Security Engineering and Management and Master’s Degrees in Public Administration. We also offer Academic Master’s Degrees for programs including Administration, Social Security, Political Economics, Marxist Jurisprudence, and Economic Statistics as well as Professional Master’s Degrees for Public Administration (MPA), Social Work (MSW) and International Business (MIB). Our school has about 1,300 undergraduate students in 2018.


Currently, our school hosts a faculty body of 75 full-time teachers, of whom 17 are professors and 40 are associate professors. Amongst these teachers, 70% are PhD degree holders, and 45% have the experience of studying abroad as visiting scholars. Many of our faculty members have been lauded by the scholarly community for their excellence in research and teaching, including 1 recipient of National Excellent Teachers Award, 1 of Government Special Allowance as well as several other distinguished experts and excellent teachers with various honorary titles.

Teaching Achievements

Our school has made remarkable achievements in improving teaching quality with the accreditation of 1 National Quality Course, 1 Resource Sharing National Quality Course, 2 Hubei Provincial Quality Courses, 1 Provincial Teachers’ Team and 1 Provincial Model Laboratory. Over years, we have won 1 first prize of National Teaching Achievement Award, 3 first prizes of Hubei Provincial Teaching Achievement Award and 2 second prizes. We have also published one textbook for the 12th five-year plan as well.

Scientific Research Achievements

In the last five years, we have undertaken 13 projects sponsored by National Social Science Fund, 38 research projects at provincial or ministerial level together with 202 municipal level projects with a total funding of 8.4 million yuan. Thanks to the governmental funding, we have published 32 academic works, won 12 provincial or ministerial Outstanding Achievement Awards in philosophy and social science. On top of these, over 10 research reports have been approved or adopted by the government or the administrative departments concerned, for their reference in decision-making.

Research Platforms

With Public Administration accredited by Hubei Provincial Government as the key discipline, we have set up two key provincial research centers: Hubei Minor Enterprise Research Center and Hubei NPO Research Center. Our school is the host of the following institutes: Foundation Institute, Finance and Securities Institute, Institute of Intellectual Property, Institute of Labor Economics, and Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well. Also, we hold the seats of other three provincial institutes, which are Research Center for China County Economic and Social Development, Hubei Administration Institute and Hubei Entrepreneurship Research Association.

Students’ Extracurricular Achievements

We have carried out various extracurricular scientific activities to motivate the students' innovation. Ever since 2002, our students have won 73 awards in Challenge Cup series, including 10 second Prizes, 13 third Prizes, 2 excellence awards at national level and 2 grand prizes, 14 first prizes, 21 second prizes and 11 third prizes at provincial-level

Foreign Exchange and Cooperation

Our school attaches importance to foreign exchanges. Since 2005, Center of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (CTCSL) has been undertaking the teaching of Chinese for international students. In 2007, we signed joint program of Master's Degree in Economics with Freiberg University of Technology, Germany. Hereby, 3 three of our graduates went to study in Freiberg for Master's Degree. At the same time, 13 German students came to our school to study degree or research courses, of whom, three were conferred Master's Degree of Economics. Besides, a total of 146 students have participated in social activities organized by Hong Kong social work associations from 2012.

Teaching Facilities

We have 6 dedicated classrooms such as Case Rooms and Multi-function Audio Rooms. We also have a Computer Laboratory equipped with more than 300 computer sets as well as an Information Center housing 21833 volumes of books and over 108 kinds of domestic and foreign periodicals. The 2-million-yuan-worth of Professional Simulation Laboratory and the fully equipped Putonghua Testing Centre have come into service. Furthermore, the Moot Court has become a special laboratory for college students to apply their professional knowledge and train their professional skills. At present, we are stepping up our efforts in the upgrading of teaching methods, digitization of books and materials, simulation of teaching practice (computer simulation), and networking of teaching management.


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