Aiman Mukhtar  Research scientist 

Doctor of Philosophy in Condensed Matter Physics (Material Science)


Ø  September 2020 till now: Research scientist in Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Steels, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, P. R. China

Ø   August 2018-September 2020Post Doctorate in Material Science with emphasis in Metal Characterizations, The State Key Laboratory for Refractories and Metallurgy,Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China

Ø   July 2016-August 2018: Doctor of Philosophy in Condensed Matter Physics  with emphasis in Metal Characterizations, Central China Normal University Wuhan, Hubei, P.R.China.

Ø   August, 2011-July 2016: Master of philosophy in physics, Hazara University Dhodial, Mansehra (KPK), Pakistan.



地址:武汉市青山区和平大道947号 武汉科技大学 武钢楼421




Aiman   Mukhtar is recently working as a research scientist at Wuhan University of Science and Technology. She has finished her post   doc in August 2018 from Wuhan University of Science and Technology. She did   PhDin   Condensed Matter Physics (Material Science) with emphasis in Metal   Characterizations, from Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan, China. She has   published more than 20 SCI papers in reputed journals. Her reseach work is based on metal nanostructure; synthesize and charaterize   the transition metal nanomaterials (include novel nanostructures i.e. 1-D nanotubes,   nanowires) by electrochemical deposition technique and assembly methods for   biomedical applications.




Ø  Synthesize the transition metal oxide-based nanomaterials include: novel nanostructures (one dimensional (nanotubes, nanowires)) by template based electrochemical deposition and assembly methods. 

Ø  Study their components and structural Investigations.

Ø  Investigation of growth mechanism and magnetic properties of 1-D nanostructures for biomedical applications.



CSC scholarship from Government of China (PhD program) for 2013-2016

Ø  Achieved an excellent PhD scholar award among  foreign student, during 2013-2014 academic year in Central China Normal University Wuhan


Ø  近年代表性研究成果

 1. Multilayer  nanowires Fe/Mn as dual mode high performance T1-T2 MRI contrast agents, Materials (2021), 14(9), 2238.

2. Transition metal nitride electrodes as future energy storage devices, a review, Materials today communications, (2021).

3. Magnetic nanowires in biomedical applications, 2020, IOP nanotechnology.

4. Fe/Mn multilayer nanowires as dual mode T1-T2 MRI contrast agents, Journal of Biomedical materials B, (2020)1-9.

5. Structural characterization and magnetic properties of core–shell Fe@Fe3O4 nanowires,Applied Physics A (Materials Science and processing) (2020) 126:458